Painting Floors 2: Free Weekend

This past weekend (25th to 26th of march) the group I play with got together to play Killing Floor 2 as part of a Sunday gaming session thing we do. Killing Floor is a rather fine game which I would love to play more of, so this was the perfect opportunity. And, lucky us, this happened to be a free weekend for the game.

The original Killing Floor I played with a few friends a long time ago, back when you could glitch yourself up a door and onto a normally unreachable rooftop in KF-Farm, one of the maps it shipped with, at the time. We used to play regularly, but as it happens, we all kind of drifted apart from each other, what with living in entirely different countries and all.

Yet, my love for the game never truly died. It was the first game to allow me a picture-in-picture scope (in particular, this was on the crossbow), and it was a damn fine game whose biggest sin was a lack of gameplay variety – much like its sibling at the time, Left 4 Dead. You’d be doing the same thing over and over, and no matter how well implemented the mechanics may be, it will grow stale after a while. I don’t have the hour count for KF1, but I’d say at least more than 24 hours of play, which speaks highly of the game’s mechanics for such a simple, tight core gameplay loop: kill zeds, get money, spend money, kill more zeds until you face the boss.

When Killing Floor 2’s early access was revealed, I had to play it. And, oh, it was a joy to play it. It was, and still is, the predecessor, except not made in an old engine being pushed past its limits. The animations are excellent, the sounds are great and most weapons are satisfying to use. Much like the previous one, though, my interest waned after a while. That it was in Early Access was a promise that it would get more content in the future, so at some point, I could revisit it.

So, when we agreed to play Killing Floor 2 on Sunday, I was excited. The perfect excuse to revisit the game with new and old players alike and just have some fun shooting Zeds to bits. And, oh, boy did it live up to my expectations. Getting back into that rhythm, listening to that Doom-rivaling double-barreled shotgun as it blasts away anything in front of it and the panic as Fleshpounds rush towards you. Old habits kicking in, tactics once used brought back to life.

It was great, and about everybody who played because of the free weekend enjoyed the game. It’s well crafted, fun, gory game, great to play with friends, and by the end of it, the grounds is going to be covered in gore – either yours or the zeds.