No Post: Brain Timeout

Today, The Gaming Symposium released their episode about Transistor, a game that I hold very close to my heart. It is one of the first – if not the very first – game to make me cry. The podcast is good, absolutely love hearing the cast talk about their thoughts and this one was no exception. Much more deep than what at the time I played I was capable of, so it was refreshing both to remember my time with it and to be guided in exploring it much more than I initially had. It is about time I revisited it, and now I will be better prepared for it. Oh, and obviously it reminded me of the soundtrack.

Meanwhile, earlier this week I watched Dodger’s playthrough of Night in the Woods. It was quite the ride, even though I merely observed. It talked about oh so many things that I had wished were explored in games and media. And I feel overwhelmed by it. I don’t have the tools nor the experience to be able to process and turn these thoughts and what goes on in the game into anything resembling coherence. Any attempts I’d make at trying to talk about Mae’s or Bea’s attitudes would fall short, and I don’t have any frame of reference to even talk about Gregg and Angus’ situation. The town? What it is going through? Neither experience, whether first hand or second, nor the knowledge to begin to unravel what it. I know there is meaning there.

The best I can do is recommend the game as the most unfiltered, well executed gaze on these mundane subjects I have experienced (which is, granted, limited) punctuated by the rather interesting plot. And then, just read and listen what others have to say, as I try to make sense of it myself. Hopefully, I will be able to write about it later.