Blocky Lightbulb and Orange Docks

I finalized the next stop in my Minecraft journey, with the help of a friend, and while I’m quite pleased with the result of my work, this definitely reminded me part of my issues with Minecraft as a game.

In this stop, I built a huge lava bulb, completed thanks to my friend’s help, on top of a tower. It overlooks the area and is a great reference beacon for any sailor wanting to find a safe port. From there, you can observe the bay and whatever might be coming or going.


A look of the lava lighthouse from the sea. The docks can be barely seen right of the lighthouse, indicated by the glow of the torches.

Then, from the lighthouse, there are two options. A small lookout hut, and a diorite staircase leading to the docks. The docks themselves are made out of Acacia wood, the local variety, giving the world an odd orange streak. There is a small shipyard where you can fix your boats*.


A picture of the polished diorite staircase illuminated by torches. From the bottom of the staircase, there is a small paved road leading to the docks. At the top, the lava lighthouse can be seen.

This small project took too long to be completed. And most of that time, I spent it doing the part of the game I simply do not enjoy. I say this while keeping in mind that what I built is not that impressive in the large scheme of things and is certainly not that laborious. However, the time I spent digging up enough stone, while done listening to podcasts and streams, is simply not fun. Distracting, perhaps, and serves as a good way to waste time, but at some point, I was going through the motions because, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to finish any of it, instead of doing it because I wanted it to. Never mind the time I spent waiting for the cobblestone to be turned into stone in the furnaces.

Resource gathering gets boring at some point in Minecraft because there comes a point when you want to build something it turns into a grind until you have the magic number of stone to be able to complete it. In vanilla Minecraft? There is no way to upgrade it beyond having faster/more durable tools. You might do it faster, but you still have to do it. And it is always the same: hold the mouse button to hit block until it breaks and you obtain the resource you want. If necessary (hopefully you won’t need to smelt it), transform said resource into something useful. And, for me, that core loop is boring.

So, I will probably switch to creative. I was playing in peaceful to begin with, as I just didn’t want to deal with exploding creepers, so the difference will be I will focus solely on exploring and building. I will be sad because I won’t have the constraint of only bringing with me what I can carry – which is a lot, granted. But, it should help me keep my interest by removing an entire gameplay loop I don’t enjoy.

It does make me wonder if I enjoy Minecraft, or if I just want a virtual Lego set. Either way, though, I should enjoy myself more.

* As sadly, I couldn’t figure out how to get the boats to go up the stream.