Miscellaneous Friday: Betas, Blocks and Releases.

It is Friday, and the For Honor open beta is well on its way. They haven’t changed much this time around. They did a balance pass on the heroes, which after the previous beta and their event is understandable (even though there is still some work done with, say, the raiders ability to drag people), and they also added Elimination as a new game-mode, which is, essentially, a four versus four single-life fight for your life. I’ll definitely be having fun playing it for a little longer.

Meanwhile, I began building the dock in my minecraft world. I haven’t had much time, and I had to build a paved road to it, so that’s about as I got done. I did get clay, though, so perhaps one of the next structures will be made out of bricks blocks.

I also got around playing Siege on the DLC launch day. As a casual, non-expert, I can somewhat understand how the new operators are going to change up the gameplay. Being able to see through reinforced walls is a huge boost for the defenders and I almost feel like they would become a required operator in anything resembling high-level play. On the other side, tracking players is interesting and works very good at shutting down roamers. As for the map, I will need more time with it.