Busy with life…

I’ve been quite busy lately. It is exam season and I just haven’t had the presence of mind to play anything more than my regular, easy to pick up games. So my weekend was pretty much the Arma session, and a few rounds of Call of Duty every now and then.

I did pick up Minecraft briefly. Generated the world and spent an hour or two just gathering resources and building the first of many waypoint structures. Then I stood at the top and gazed to the horizon.


As seen from my first waypoint structure: “Is that an island? Or a continent? I want to know…”



Yeah, that’s where I will go next. I’ll build a small dock, put a boat on the water and row all the way to the other edge. That will be the next place I’ll build something. Perhaps this time I will build it out of stone. Regardless, it ought to be fun.

I’ve also been playing EVE Online. It has been mostly station trading in an alpha (ie limited) clone. It doesn’t require much attention, as I can just check the orders every break or two. It is entertaining to just keep watching the numbers go up slowly but surely. It is an exercise in frustration, though, due to the limits imposed by the alpha status. A huge chunk of my profits get eaten by taxes and fees, and I’m limited to 17 orders, which doesn’t let me diversify much. I’m making it work, though.