For Honor… For Guts

I managed to get in the For Honor beta, thanks to a group mate. And let me tell you, there isn’t much honor in these fights.

My initial impression of For Honor was that it just wasn’t my type of game. It looked pretty, but what they showed just didn’t grab me gameplay-wise. But it never hurts to try a game, specially during a free beta.

The beta proved me wrong. The gameplay is great, with this certain weight that I’ve only found so far in Souls games. You get to choose how from three directions you want to attack, and you have guard-breaks, blinds, combos and so on at your disposal, all the while having to watch your surroundings and what your opponent is doing. It’s a methodical game of read your adversary, trying to outwit them. And truly, it is gorgeous and my PC isn’t that good.

There is one thing that worries me, which I hope the full game alleviates, is the lack of content. There are several classes that provide different styles. You have more combat oriented classes, some assassin, some that use polearms and prefer their range. There are nine in total, which I’ve not tried. Three per faction, though you aren’t restricted on what to pick. There are also three modes (with PvP and PvAI variants each): 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1 . Sadly, in the beta there are only so many arenas, and they mostly play more or less the same. And that worries me. I feel like short of wanting to master the gameplay mechanics (which is, granted, enjoyable on its own right), there is currently little to keep me playing.

There will be a campaign for the game, which should be available in the full game, so at least I can hope for that. There will also be time for new modes post-launch, along with more champions or ways to mix up the gameplay, and I hope they have a plan. Otherwise, in a game like this that relies so much on its multiplayer for longevity (there is a class progression system, along with loot and upgrades, and I expect micro-transactions) it might suffer the same fate that Evolve did: abandoned shortly after release because there just wasn’t much to do.

Regardless, though, it is on my wish-list. Perhaps not at launch price (59,99€), but if the campaign is any good I will definitely play it.