Elite Trucking: Dangerous Space

I’ve been rather busy with university, so I haven’t really had that much time to sit down and play anything, much less engage with it in some sort of meaningful way. So, I instead decided to truck around in space.

I had been shifting away from combat, since it isn’t quite fun for me to begin with. I’m naturally risk adverse, so it will take me a while before I’m willing to brawl one-on-one against an equal NPC, much less another person. Not that I’m against PVP, I just won’t willingly engage in it1.

I’m okay with that shift. I definitely enjoy traveling from place to place, and the down-time associated with the jumps. While the game loads, I watch the stream I had in the background. If I have to travel >60KLy, I will line up, refill my drink and then relax for a bit. I’m also furthering my goals, as I’ve been improving my standings with one of the factions within the Federation.

With the recent encounter with the aliens, and my enjoyment of simply going from one place to another, I’ve been drawn much more to exploration. There is something alluring about being the first, so I might just try it.

And, because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, I will look up trade information and see if the game allows a trader (or hauler, I guess) the balance of war.

1 Now, if somebody were to interdict me or otherwise fight me… I’d probably fight that.