Trucking About

Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed driving games. I still remember playing Need for Speed 2: Special Edition back in windows 95/98. I was terrible and afraid of the challenge, but I liked it the same. Then, Sega Rally, NFS3: Hot Pursuit, NFS: Road Challenge…

I never quite outgrew them, although the way I enjoyed them definitely changed. While I still enjoy a good race, and love racing through dirt roads and snowy forests, I’ve come to prefer the act of driving (even if it is very fast driving™).

Euro Truck Simulator 2 fell in just right for me. I get to drive a truck across a compressed Europe, trailer behind me, whatever it is I decide to listen to for the day. Traveling during the night is quite pleasant, with only the headlights to light my way.

My friend and I finally got around setting up the multiplayer mod and oh, it is so fun to drive with him. Or, rather, I get to see my friend repeatedly crash because he’s attempting to drive with keyboard and mouse, and apparently his sensibility is so high any touch on the mouse sends him flying in the other direction. We also get to talk in voice and discuss whatever it is we want to discuss. I just wish the game was set up to work better with convoys. Instead, we need to hope we find two sets of deliveries to the same city.

Still, though, when it works, when we are driving one behind the other and we meet other drivers going about1… There isn’t something quite like it.

1 We play on the low-population servers, mostly because of the terrible driving.