Lights Out On the Metro

I finished Metro Last Light for the first time during the weekend and while I was technically wrong, my general impression doesn’t change much.

Last time I mentioned that Anna appeared briefly during the opening sequence, and then essentially disappears. Artyom was on a quest to figure out where the Dark child had been taken. And, up until that point, the focus was on finding the child. On his search, he finds out the truth regarding what the Reds are doing, what their plans are, and Anna. There is a rescue which involves them almost dying, and then we set out for the climax: obtaining the Dark child, facing the antagonists and resolving the Reds subplot. Anna stays at home, recuperating.

Heading towards the Wish Granter (wrong game), we go through a series of sewer tunnels which are suitably creepy and entertaining. The overland trek with the child is fun and informative. The confrontations fun if a bit frustrating (a box, pinned by snipers, is not that much of a good idea). The fight with the huge mother monster is difficult, even more so without any medkits, but hey, this is what I was saving my good ammunition for.

And finally, there is the last mission, holding the line at the D6 bunker. Shooting the LMG. And then the out-of-nowhere train almost running everybody over. And then, as a ranger, being ready to blow everybody up for the sake of stopping the Reds. I was personally stopped by the child, and the Dark ones ended up saving us.

Remember what I mentioned about Anna being essentially forgotten? Well. Yeah, She was rescued. Then they looked at each other as Artyom departed to do what needs to be done at D6. I’d like to think she was later tasked for something else, but… I just don’t think that’d happen. Everybody else of note has some sort of resolution, even if it is dying by way of train wreck.

Overall, though, it was good. I’m glad I took the time to replay it and reach the end. Now, I can only hope that the next entry (which I hope there will be) comes soon. Though, there is always Metro 2035 the book.