Spilling Blood

I’ll be quite honest. This is the part where most RPGs lose me. That moment when the combat just becomes too often, too much. It is not even about the difficulty, though that certainly takes its toll; I just don’t want to fight as often.

From last time, we had to clear a trapper’s junction from the Scarlet Chorus and Unbroken. All of it involved fighting with what I believe to be level-appropriate enemies for… way too long. The combat, while it has interesting interactions with spells and resistances, is simply not to my taste. At least, not for as often as it seems to be necessary – not if I want to prepare for the future. That power bar(TV Tropes) makes me wary of not taking on all possible side quests.

I finished clearing the Trapper’s Junction, which offered an unremarkable conversation with an NPC unwilling to back down, and then I headed to take Dauntless, the legendary Unbroken sword abandoned at the Infested Oldwalls. Combat with the bane is perhaps much more interesting, due to the resistances and on-death effects some of the enemies have, but it still is pretty much the same combat.

I did get around expanding my spires, in between university work. I now own a library with some recruits, and the medical expansion. And now, well, off to attempt to stop the edict, and perhaps recover the daughter of Ashe. I’m not particularly looking forward to it, since it will involve bloodshed. I am quite curious about any potential evidence of misbehavior by any of the two armies, and perhaps a chance to talk my way out of things instead of otherwise.