Artifacts and Spires

The party continues its journey as we seek power, evidence, and to rid the land of its rebels. The pressure to perform as an Archon increases, but, luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate our capabilities – whether it is bringing a siege to an end, or finding the unfindable, we deliver. And sometimes, we don’t spill too many guts along the way.

The game opens up a bit more after the meeting with Tunon. Depending on who you sided with, from here on out it will be all about aiding them to take over the region and finally squash the ongoing rebellions and pockets of resistance. In my case, it means helping the Disfavored in various ways while still seeking ways to put them on the chopping block. I hope that my actions result in the command structure being culled from corruption (hah), and the destruction of the Voices of Nerath. If I am honest, though, I’d love to be given the reigns of one of the factions, or at least the possibility to build my army. Why, yes, I am not pleased with the performance of either army and wouldn’t trust them with anything within my power.

Side-quests aside, we are to take the rebels holding on the Sentinel’s Stand and end the edict of storms ravaging the area. Given the strength of the storm, we would need an artifact to get through. Our quest leads us to the camp at the Rust Canyons, where the leader, Elia, might have more information. This is a straight up assault, given her unwillingness to speak (I can’t blame her, I do have the weight of the Disfavored behind me, which everybody seems to hate). The party fights through, with no help of the few soldiers present in the “siege”, until, eventually, we surround and defeat Elia. She talks, after my character promises to offer a way out for her people. She mentions Matthias, whom she looks up to, and that we should look for the artifact in the Oldwalls.

Wee travel to the Oldwalls, where we meet a rebel group already seeking the artifact (which we promptly kill), and a group of Sages, which ask of us for the Stones of Elucidation. The sages also warn us of the strong presence of magical creatures, drawn to the area by the storm and the Oldwalls themselves.

Unlike what I expected, these creatures aren’t particularly resistant to physical attacks. They are tough, but not so much that Barik or Verse are completely useless, though they do make short work of Barik’s armor. Somebody with more time and less sense of urgency would have probably gone to seek Lantry and Eb, who should be better equipped to deal with them thanks to their vulnerability to certain elements, but hindsight is twenty twenty, and at the time I didn’t want to simply leave the dungeon.

I did serve myself from the newly crafted spells. In Tyranny, you get sigils that either define the base of the spell, how it is expressed, or any accents. For example, I might select a fire sigil with a short-range focus, resulting in the equivalent of a flaming palm strike. Or I might select a long-range expression, and get a fireball instead. Any of those can be accented to add various minors effects, such as increasing the damage, reducing cooldown, adding opposite damage and a variety of other effects. This allows for the spells to serve the character, instead of the character being defined by the spells. There are some hardcoded abilities, but those tend to be character specific and fit their overall playstyle. Furthermore, to sigils are used as a rewards for exploration, along with quite nice equipment.

Some small puzzles afterwards, and lots of resting, and a rather “epic” fight later1, the Oldwalls was cleared, and I got a new spire to fast travel to. In these halls we also found the artifact we were seeking, along with a beautiful bow, the Gravebow. If the artifact works (which I hope it does), we should be able to go through the storm and kill the Regent. And, if we are lucky, perhaps find Ashe’s daughter. She was last seen being taken by the rebels into the Sentinel’s Stand fort, and we have reasons to believe she is still alive.

But first, there is a leader we need to take care of. Matthias, I seem to recall was his name. I have a feeling this will not end well for him. But, just like before, we will try. I could always use more friends in this newfound position. If not… Well, there is always power to be found elsewhere.

1 A proper boss, with higher than normal health and hard-hitting AOE. He also summoned regular enemies every time he’d go down one of the health marks, and I only made it because my last two characters standing focused him down.