Reigning From The Skies

I’ve been freed from the shackles of the edict and recalled to my master to deal with the fallout of my actions. And the best I can say about them is: it was not my fault. Spoilers ahead.

Or, it was. I was the catalyst for a civil war breaking in the tiers, the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus finally sick of each other. But it was merely the necessity of the task – getting both of them to work together is mission impossible and I was fairly tired of their fighting. Thus, they attacked each other and I sided with the Disfavored because who would trust the Voices? Never mind that, out of the two, I would rather assault with the trained military forces1.

Taking the citadel was simple enough – just kill everybody on the way because no prisoners. I’ll be honest, I was tempted to break the alliance once the last Guard was bested. The incompetency exhibited by everyone involved makes me question why Kyros keeps them around. And then, we are transported to the top of the spire, and it responds to me, the character.

I’ll be honest, the spire itself responding to me is… it feels a little cliché, if that makes sense. Convenient, thanks to the fast-travel opportunities it provides, but it feels boring story-wise. On the bright side, we get Eb to run with us, even if she doesn’t know how to keep quiet while talking with Ashe, nor do I know how to simply ignore the comment and must choose who to anger.

The meeting with Tunon was simple, and provided ample foreshadowing about our role in the future, but more immediate concerns were presented before us. Tunon requires evidence of the incompetence of the armies before he can pass on judgement, and I can’t deny I’m quite excited to do my best at that task.

One minor quibble, though. One of the tasks I had to complete was to assault a fort. Since it was well defended, and the Disfavored didn’t have enough manpower to force their way through, we are to sneak in and open the gates ourselves. There was no chance of anybody who saw me running (everybody who did see us died). Yet, when I go to another encampment I am recognized for being the one who broke the siege. How?!2

1 Although I question their tactical and strategic decisions…

2 I will admit I might be mistaken about this, but there is no other feasible reason, given the dialogue and situation, that I would have been recognized by said character. But news travel fast in this world, it seems.