XCOM 2 – Poisonous Panic

I’ve been playing through XCOM 2, sticking with a mostly vanilla run for my first time (there will be plenty of time later for mods).

VIP Extraction mission that goes horribly wrong as I activate every. single. pod. on my way to the extraction with no real way of spotting them. Bad luck, I guess. Still, not terrible since – through the extensive use of grenades – I managed to deal with most pods rather painlessly.

I even manage to get to the extraction point with 6/12 turns to spare, on the top of a three story building. I was quite impressed with myself. Until the last soldier activates on dash. Pod with a snake. The value poison spit that one had, poisoning just about every one. Gladly, thanks to XCOM 2’s wonderful building destruction system, we managed to deal with pod rather swiftly. I thought “hey, my problems are over, we’ll extract once the spit wears off and it is safe to go through with the VIP.”

Then two soldiers panicked. Due to poison damage. ಠ_ಠ. I was glad I had a lot of turns to burn through… except one of the soldiers managed to run away from the Evac Zone, and didn’t get out of it in time to even attempt to reach the zone.


I could only imagine the snake smiling in the afterlife: value spit, forcing the capture of one of my soldiers. At least, I hope I will be able to rescue her at some point in the future. I will also make a note to find a mod that changes the panic mechanic so that it only triggers on poison, not on damage.